About Us

Experience Rapid Relief With Our Water-Soluble Formula For Fast-Acting Results

  • PharmD Formulated

    Formulated by a licensed compounding pharmacist, with a focus on quality ingredients.

  • Fast Acting

    A mix of Nano-emulsification
    technology and water-soluble
    ingredients to experience the benefits quickly.

  • Comfort

    A blend that promotes balance
    and control, ensuring support for mental clarity and physical comfort.

  • Easy

    A must-have companion for all types
    of Hemp users, ideal for keeping
    around, and easy to use.

  • Effective

    A careful combination of ingredients, providing a targeted and soothing experience.

  • Plant Powered

    Non-GMO, plant-based, and vegan-friendly, ensuring a natural experience for all.


A friend gave me an edible, and it took forever to kick in. When it hit, it made me really uncomfortable. Thankfully, someone handed me High-Not, and it sorted me out fast. Now, I always carry a couple in my bag when I'm out – it's my go-to for unexpected highs.

Nicole F.

I keep a few handy whenever my friends come over. It’s like our little insurance policy.

Lee S.

High-Not is my security blanket! I’m a working mom, so I love to have a Hemp gummy and unwind at the end of a rough day. But to be clear eyed and ready to parent at a moment’s notice, or wake up clear headed for work again in the morning. High-Not allows me to relax and indulge while knowing I can turn it all back on again when I need to. Highly recommend this product!

Beth M.